The FluxNZ Story: Press release

Aug 01 2014

Canterbury Technology and Innovation Sectors in Profile 2014

Region’s technology and innovation sectors profiled

The scale of Christchurch’s technology and innovation sectors has been captured for the first time following the completion of a report profiling businesses in the areas.

Data compiled for the inaugural Canterbury Technology and Innovation Sectors in Profile 2014 (FLUX report) showed that in 2013 Christchurch experienced the highest number of company formations in the sectors since 1999.

The sectors are undergoing impressive growth in the city, with recent statistics showing the information technology, electronics and manufacturing industries produce 6 percent of Canterbury’s GDP and currently employ more than 7000. This is projected to increase to 10,000 workers by 2031, accounting for 4 percent of the Greater Christchurch workforce.

The aim of the report – a joint project between strategic advisory firm Memia and IT recruitment consultancy Sourced, supported by Canterbury Development Corporation – is threefold. It showcases the sectors as vibrant career choices to the city’s young people, as well as to potential investors and migrants considering moving to Christchurch for work.

Jason Bishop, Director and General Manager of Sourced, said up until now there had been no central place to get information about all the businesses in the city’s technology and innovation sectors.

“Canterbury is at the forefront of New Zealand’s technology industry and the report is basically like a White Pages for these sectors. The FLUX report is publicly available and we would encourage businesses to use it if they want to promote themselves to potential employees or investors.”

Ben Reid, Director at Memia Ltd, said the knowledge economy will be a big part of future wealth for the city.

“This piece of work shines a light on the activity happening here in an engaging and informative way. It really does show the scale and depth of the sectors here, with an amazing array of local, national and international companies operating in Christchurch.”

Tech teachers at secondary schools in the city have already shown great interest in the report, especially the large infographic poster it contains with all the brands of businesses in the sectors pictured which creates an impactful visual.

Both Ben and Jason hope young people and their parents will consider work in the sectors once they realise how much opportunity there is.

“A shortage of skilled workers is an issue locally, as well as internationally. Education is the key. We need people to see what an exciting area this is to be part of and a great move career wise,” Jason said.

Ben and Jason would like the report to be repeated periodically to keep the information current, with the pair also in talks about carrying out similar research for other regions in New Zealand. CDC is keen for the Canterbury information to be kept up to date as well.

A full copy of the report and graphic can be downloaded free from http://fluxnz.com