FLUXNZ Canterbury Tech and Innovation Sectors – May 2014

Jun 24 2014

Interested in Canterbury’s technology and innovation sectors in 2014?

The FLUX team have been researching the technology and innovation sectors in Christchurch and Canterbury.

(by Jason Bishop)

Late last week (week ending 18 May 2014), Memia and Sourced with support from Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) were pleased to launch the inaugural 2014 FLUX report for Canterbury – profiling the region’s Technology and Innovation sectors in depth. The report represents many months of effort from the FLUX team who have researched and compiled it, scouring websites, social media and interviewing many of the individuals who make this industry so exciting to work in locally. The result is a substantial deliverable which shines a light on the scale, diversity and quality of commercial technology innovation which is happening right here in Christchurch and Canterbury.

My backstory (read Ben’s here):

As a proud Cantabrian, it has always been apparent that the region is full of people that want to do things for themselves. An observed issue with this, however, is that pre-earthquake there was not a lot of collaboration or even understanding of the scale of this entrepreneurial spirit.

For a long time it has been a strong desire of ours to get our heads around the region’s people, companies and technologies, with a view to use the information to empower those people and their companies. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. Along came the earthquakes and we saw a huge shift in attitudes – people were talking to others more than previously, there was less fear and a growing awareness that we are all in this with a common goal: To see ourselves and our region/industry take off.

It was around the time of the 2012 Software Summit that I had a conversation about this and wider issues with friend and colleague, Ben Reid from Memia, and (what is now) FLUX was born. FLUX is aimed at the wider NZ Tech Industry, but as we are based in Christchurch, it made a lot of sense for us to pursue the obvious channel first.

Fast forward through some serious research and development time, and we now have a tool that can effectively show the size and range of our local industry. Perceived value will vary between those consuming it, but this data ticks a few boxes for me:

  1. Should be something that everyone in the industry is interested in
  2. Highlights the point that perhaps we all didn’t know or understand what was actually out there
  3. This is something that creates more conversation and enables collaboration and understanding between current and future members of Canterbury’s Technology and Innovation Sectors.

The FLUX report comes in two deliverables:

  1. a 150-page report on the Christchuch Technology and Innovation sectors, including a full listing of all the firms identified during our research.
  2.  an A0-size poster infographic which shows the logos of all the tech organisations who operate in Canterbury in the sectors covered – an informative and educational resource.

Access the downloads or order a printed copy here:  http://fluxnz.com

It’s our first attempt at compiling the FLUX report so if you notice any errors or omissions please contact us editor@fluxnz.com – we’re more than happy to make a correction.

From the whole FLUX team, we hope you enjoy the report!