Jason Bishop

Jason Bishop is the Director and GM of Sourced, a specialist IT recruitment consultancy based in Christchurch, and in charge of all FLUXNZ projects.

Jason enjoyed a successful career in architecture before moving into software training and consulting in 2008. Together with his wife, Michelle – a long active IT recruiter in Christchurch, Jason launched Sourced on February 21, 2011, one day before the major earthquake hit the city. The 11 months of planning prior to launch in no way prepared them for the new market they were entering, but Sourced has since gone from strength to strength since.

Jason has a strong interest in emerging technologies and is passionate about Canterbury’s technology and innovation sectors. He is a regular contributor and ex-committee member of the Canterbury Software Cluster, and various strategy groups related to workforce and the future of the Canterbury employment landscape.

As of early 2017, Jason took control of ongoing FLUXNZ projects and now focusses on iterating existing maps and developing new ones for eco-systems around the country.

Along with developing digital formats, you can see our most recent print/map based work with the AI Forum here:

Further projects are currently underway and will be released in due course, as are fresh versions of existing works. If you are interested in developing your own map, please contact Jason directly (jason@fluxnz.com).


Originally, FLUX was a new initiative dedicated to providing news, data and insights relating to the growing New Zealand technology industry. Founded in 2013, Flux was a joint venture between Memia Ltd, Sourced Ltd, and associates.


Ben Reid

Ben Reid is a Director at Memia Ltd, a specialist strategic advisory firm working with New Zealand technology firms.

Ben has worked in the software sector for 20 years, half of which since moving to New Zealand with his family from the UK in 2004. Ben is energised by enabling local techn

ology businesses grow successfully – he works with a diverse range of Christchurch software firms and IT organisations developing clear strategy, technology roadmaps and growth plans.

Ben is also a long-standing committee member of the Canterbury Software Cluster, and served as the committee’s chairman in 2012/13.

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Joseph Aldridge

Joseph Aldridge is a freelance writer and former newspaper journalist. He worked for the Northern Advocate in Whangarei before moving to Tauranga, where he wrote the business news for the Bay of Plenty Times.

Joseph returned home to Christchurch in late 2013 and has taken on a book writing project with a

well- known Canterbury not-for-profit organisation. Joseph loves telling business success stories and has been excited by what he’s seen in the the growing Canterbury technology sector

Rick Bishop

Rick Bishop is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, delivering a practical solution to client needs around the country. He specializes in bringing order to chaos and walking through projects with clients to resolve ideas and provide a high end product.

Born and raised in Christchurch, he has since moved around the country to develop his education and skill set. Rick is passionate about the development and growth of Canterbury and hopes to return home to get more involved in helping local business gain an edge on their competition. Currently

Rick lives in Whakatane where he works with clients nationwide from big business to charities and non profit organizations.